Kevin Hollings or The KeyMaster is a budding serial killer whom Booth runs into twice. His alias, The KeyMaster, is derived from a fact from his Modus Operandi; gouging out the eyes of his victims with a key.

He brutally murdered his victims, both of whom were young blondes, by gouging out their eyes with a key after slashing their throats while they were bound. Hollings was never prosecuted for his first murder because of insufficient evidence, and he never saw trial for his second murder because he was killed by Jamie Kenton before he could be properly arrested and convicted.

Daniel Goodman's analysis of the photos of Holling's room stated that he is displaying his key collection rather that facing it. He compared Hollings' key collection to a Tzompantli; a Mayan display of the souvenirs of their kills which they believed would show their strength and power and strike fear into anyone who saw it. Goodman also deduced that the keys with the most value to Hollings would be in reach; the keys on the right side on the table since Hollings was right-handed.

According to Kenton, Hollings believed that him using the key would unlock the soul from behind the eyes of his victims. While Hollings was the person who killed Penny Hamilton, Jamie Kenton was the person who fed her body to stray dogs afterwards.

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  • He has a private collection of tens of thousands of keys.
  • His nickname comes from the nickname of Vinz Clortho; "Keymaster of Gozer" from the movie Ghostbusters.
  • Hollings is the second serial killer to appear, but he is the first serial killer who died on the show
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