Kimberly Singer appears in The Survivor in the Soap.

Kimberly is a photographer and art gallery owner who dedicated herself to displaying the horror of the civil war in Africa through her photographs to spread awareness. While visiting her gallery, former child soldier Symchay Conteh became distraught when he saw the picture of Joseph Mbarga and recognized him as the janitor from his building and was subsequently murdered.

Following Symchay's murder, Kimberly tried to take down the pictures in her gallery, believing that they had done too much damage already. Agent Seeley Booth convinced Kimberly to keep her pictures up and to allow Brima Chalobah to see them in hopes of figuring out what had distressed Symchay so much. After Brima broke down at the sight of Mbarga's picture, Kimberly explained who the man was and how he was still wanted for war crimes and was surprised when Booth recognized him as the janitor from Symchay's building.

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