Lambert Chaisson appears in The Finder. He is one of the criminals who searched for the Spanish Treasure Ship; The Santa Esperanza. At some point, he received an 18th century nautical chart fragment which was curated in his museum. The chart fragment was used to try to lead him to the treasure. He hired one of the security guards, Sam Nozik, to steal the chart for him. Nozik arrived at the place where he was supposed to give Chaisson the chart, but he arrived drunk and he demanded more money for the chart. Chaisson tortured Nozik to receive the chart's location; a safety deposit box, and killed him to avoid getting caught and leaves his body in a swamp.

He later hired a meth dealer named Brittany Stephenson to help find the treasure and he even brought a 300 year old sextant from the museum to help find the location of the ship through the chart. She brought him to the coordinates listed on the map through her boat, but the treasure was not there. Chaisson, enraged at the fact that there was no treasure, ripped off Brittany's regulator and jams the chart down her throat. She drowned, but not before she bit his finger off. After Walter Sherman and Leo Knox find the ship and bring one of the gold statues from the wreckage to the museum, they discover that Chaisson was the killer. Walter, who developed strong feelings for Brittany, attempted to beat him to death with the statue, however, Leo was able to talk him out of killing Chaisson. Leo and Ike take him to Washington D.C. in a box to Booth and Brennan where he is arrested for murder and theft.

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