Lucy McGruder is the wife of Ted McGruder the manager of the bowling alley where the murder victim Warren Granger worked. She says that she tried to get the Doomsday clan out, but they wouldn’t leave. They ask about Warren's girlfriend, and the wife says that there was one girl that came around to see Warren, but he never really was glad to see her. Later Brennan and Booth find out the bone in Warren's body is from a white male in his thirties, and they say it's Ted. Booth and Brennan head to the Bowling alley, talking about how Warren wanted to save the "damsel in distress" and that he wanted to make a difference before he died. When they arrive, Booth warns Brennan that sometimes domestic violence cases get "a little weird", and the woman can jump to the defense of her abusive husband. They come across Ted and his wife fighting and Booth asks for a bevel knife. Lucy gets one out of a tool box and Brennan examines it. She says it could be the weapon, and then she elbows the wound on Ted to prove that the bone they found on the remains was his. They talk to Lucy, who says that Warren saw Ted hit her once, and that Warren ran away. He then wanted to save her so he went after Ted. Brennan and Booth then tell Lucy the story of how Warren died.

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