Maggie Schilling is the murder victim in The Girl in the Fridge, having been killed by Scott and Mary Costello a year ago when their attempt to abduct her for ransom went wrong after they accidentally overdosed her on hospital heroin, Hydromorphone.

When the Costellos' old fridge was discovered and Maggie's body identified, it didn't take long for the Jeffersonian to track down the Costellos as the prime suspects. Although the defence of Doctor Michael Stires nearly cleared them of the crime as he attempted to jokingly argue that Maggie's injuries and the overdoes could have been the result of the brittle bone condition she suffered from and her pre-existing drug habit, Doctor Temperance Brennan's passionate argument that she considered her own reputation irrelevant in the face of the pain that Maggie had gone through resulted in a successful conviction.

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