Mama Liu appears in The Body in the Bag. She was a restaurant owner and the leader of a counterfeit handbag ring as well as the boss of murder victim Jenny Yang. After being arrested, she was devastated to hear of Jenny's murder, having loved Jenny like a daughter. While she was ultimately innocent of murder, Mama Liu was still guilty of counterfeiting. Inspector Eric Anderson later tells Seeley Booth and Lance Sweets that Mama Liu had an alibi in that she was in New York sorting through a shipment of counterfeit goods when the murder happened. Mama Liu led Anderson and his people to the importer who confirmed Mama Liu's alibi and in the process, gave them an even bigger bust and Anderson stated that he would be getting a big bonus as a result. After being identified as the killer, Anderson explained that Jenny, who had exposed Mama Liu's operation, had had second thoughts about busting Mama Liu. As a result, when Jenny threatened to expose their affair to get him to end the planned bust, Anderson killed her.

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