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Michael Vincent Hodgins is the son of Angela Montenegro and Jack Hodgins. While Angela was pregnant, it was discovered that Michael had a 25% chance of being born blind, due to both of his parents being LCA (Leber's Congenital Amaurosis) carriers. In the episode The Blackout in the Blizzard (Season 6, Episode 16), Angela and Jack have to wait during a citywide blackout for Jack's genetic test results, to see if he is also an LCA carrier. He does indeed turn out to be a carrier, giving their unborn child a 25% chance of having LCA. However, Michael's eyesight appeared to be completely normal upon birth. In season 7, Michael is enrolled in daycare at the Jeffersonian, but Angela sneaks him into the lab to visit Hodgins under Cam's nose. They're caught and Cam reminds them of her "no babies in the lab" rule. He seems to like Cam, and Cam cannot resist his cute little baby smile. In season 9, in the episode The Carrot in the Kudzu, Michael attends Christine's birthday party in the park.


Angela's family has a tradition where her father names the babies. He chose Staccato Mamba, which Jack Hodgins vehemently refused, saying the names they had chosen were Michael Joseph for a boy and Katherine Temperance for a girl. After an unknown series of events involving tequila, Jack Hodgins received a tattoo of Billy Gibbons on his right shoulder, however, after that Billy Gibbons conceded and made hats matching his with both of their chosen names stitched on it. However, the couple finally chooses Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins after the baby is born - Michael as they wanted, Staccato like Angela's father wanted, and Vincent after the late Vincent Nigel-Murray, who was murdered by Jacob Broadsky in the previous episode. He is usually called Michael Vincent by his parents, as well as other family and friends.


  • Michael was originally going to be named Michael Joseph, which was stated in a conversation between Hodgins and his father-in-law, until Vincent was killed so Angela and Hodgins decided to name their son after him. In that same conversation, Hodgins stated that if the baby was a girl the name would have been Katherine Temperance as a reference to their best friend, Brennan. As the series ended with Angela pregnant with Michael Vincent's sibling if the baby ended up being a girl it is likely they would use that name and possibly use Joseph if the baby was a boy.
  • After many sleepless nights with the baby, Angela and Jack agree to let Angela's father babysit Michael. Against his parents' wishes, his grandfather played loud rock and roll music, which seemed to put him at ease and allow him to sleep.
  • The song is Hi Fi Mama.
  • He was circumcised a couple of days after he was born.
  • His middle name comes from the deceased intern Vincent.
  • It is possible he, like is his parents, is also a carrier of LCA.
  • Michael often likes to play with Christine, the daughter of Hodgins' and Angela's friends Brennan and Booth. Christine is roughly 8 months younger than Michael; Brennan's pregnancy was revealed in the same episode that Michael-Vincent was born. Given that Michael's and Chrsitne's mothers are best friends, it is likely they have a relationship similar to cousins.
  • In "The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator", Hodgins mentions he is allergic to cats.