Michael Stires is Brennan's former professor from Northwestern University. He starred in episode 8 of season 1 "The Girl In The Fridge", visiting Brennan while he was in Washington to allegedly interview for a new job, only to be hired as the defending forensics expert for Scott and Mary Costello for the death of Maggie Schilling. Having gained additional insider information into how Brennan had come to her conclusions, he used that knowledge to jokingly argue that Maggie's injuries and the overdose that killed her could have been the result of the brittle bone condition she suffered from and her pre-existing drug habit, attempting to win the jury over by portraying himself as a 'man of the people' as opposed to Brennan's more scientific approach. However, when she was called back to testify, Brennan's passionate argument that she considered her own reputation irrelevant in the face of the pain that Maggie had gone through resulted in a successful conviction, as well as ending her relationship with Stires.

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