Nestor Olivos was a student and is the murder victim in A Boy in the Tree. Nestor Olivos was born to a Venezuelan ambassador, born deaf and raised as a Catholic. He wore a Catholic necklace around his neck.

When Nestor was young, he received a cochlear implant in his ear to help with his hearing, and the first sounds he heard was the sound of his mother's voice, and she told him that she loved him in Spanish.

Nestor was a student at an exclusive preparatory school, and was described as being happy by his parents. They also said he was an altar boy, and attended his Catholic church every Sunday. His religious and awkward behavior, along with his deafness made him an outcast, and the way he talked due to his difficulty of hearing made some of his classmates classify him as a "retard". His only known friend was his three-month roommate, Tucker Pattison.

Nestor's crush Camden Destry and his roommate set up a camera near Nestor's bed. There, they recorded Nestor having sex with Camden, and Camden's mother having sex with Tucker. Being a married woman, Tucker blackmailed Camden's mother in giving him $5,000 to keep quiet. They decided to blackmail Nestor as well, threatening to tell his parents about the sex tape.

However, Nestor said a fatal sentence - he told them he would tell the headmaster about the tapes and the blackmailing. To prevent being expelled, Camden and Tucker gave Nestor ketamine before hanging him to a tree, where he died of strangulation. However, Nestor's hyroid cracked in 196.8 hours after his death when the choking and the ketamine caused his stomach to regurgitate stomach acids, weakening and digested the hyroid until it cracked.

Eventually, his killers were found, and placed into custody by Booth and Brennan. The headmaster and head of security both lost their jobs over Nestor's death, and the sheriff who collected the sex tapes resigned.

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