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Padme Dalaj is the wife of Jared Booth.


Her first appearance was in the fifth season episode, The Dentist in the Ditch. Jared tells his brother, Seeley Booth that he met a girl while in India. She swan dived off of a cliff and nearly killed them both. He introduces Padme to Seeley, but Seeley tells Temperance Brennan that Padme seems a little "hinky" to him. Seeley finds out that Padme used to be an escort and was arrested on prostitution charges. When he tells Jared, he tells Seeley to go to hell.

Seeley believes he is being logical about the situation, but Bones informs him that she believes he was correct before when he said that love wasn't a bunch of chemicals reacting within the brain. When Seeley finally decides to apologize to Jared about Padme, Jared brings her along where the couple explains that they have no secrets. Jared asks Seeley to be his best man which Seeley begins to object to before Bones attempts to kick him, but ends up hitting Jared. Padme then states that she likes Bones and Bones makes a toast to love.

In "The Loyalty in the Lie", it was revealed that the marriage between her and Jared didn't last. Like Booth, Jared had a gambling problem and owed a lot of people money. He kept buying her expensive gifts in attempt to win her back up until his death at the hands of Victor Masbourian's guards. Despite the divorce, both Jared and Padme cared about each other.