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Pam Nunan appears in The Wannabe in the Weeds. Aside from her initial appearance, Pam appears in a flashback at the start of the next episode, The Pain in the Heart.


She is first questioned regarding the death of her personal trainer. Sweets describes her as emotionally unstable, a person who is only slightly overweight but believes herself to be incredibly overweight and is able to convince others that she is slightly overweight. Despite Sweets' warnings about her dangerous nature, Bones and Booth dismiss her as a suspect.

After interrogating Pam, Booth becomes the object of her obsession. She is shown taking photographs of Booth as he and Bones leave the club hosting the Open Mic nights. She later calls Booth and arranges to meet him alone at his office. There she gives him some socks after observing him during the interrogation, showing an uncomfortable interest in his photograph of Parker on his desk.

At the end of the episode, Booth organizes the team to meet at the club that held the Open Mic nights so that Bones could sing. Pam enters the club just as her performance begins, and, upon seeing Booth so focused on Bones that he didn't even register that Pam was in the bar, aimed a gun at Bones, in the hope that with her gone she and Booth would be able to be together. Glancing back just in time to register Pam's presence, Booth stood up and took the bullet himself. Although briefly horrified at what she had inadvertently done, Pam attempted to aim at Bones, only for Bones- now kneeling beside the fallen Booth- to grab Booth's gun and fire a single clean shot through Pam's throat, leaving her to fall to the ground. Though it is never confirmed in dialogue, it is assumed she did not survive. Although, it was confirmed later on the Pam was killed as soon as she was shot in the throat.