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Patty Hoyle is the murder victim in The Crank in the Shaft.

Patty was an office manager. She parked her car badly in her parking, stopping Dave Farfield from getting out, so in retaliation he carved "BITCH" into her car with his key. He sent her an abusive e-mail, she showed their boss Gary Flannery who fired Dave.

She found out that Gary was reselling office supplies online, knowing it could get him fired, she blackmailed him with the information.

She caught Chip Yap and Christine Gertin having sex in the coffee room. She said she'd report them and have them fired. She got to the telephone and Christine threw a stapler at her, it hit her in the head and ruptured an aneurysm, killing her. Christine and Chip opened the elevator shaft on the 16th floor and dumped Patty's body down the shaft.

She was later found when her body got caught as the elevator was moving and her leg fell through the ceiling.

Despite most of her office co-workers acting like they liked Patty initially it's later revealed most found her nosey, mean-spirited, over-dramatic and she's most commonly referred to throughout the episode by most of her co-workers as a "bitch".