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Pej Vahdat (born Pejman Vahdat) is a Persian-American series and film actor.


Before Pej began the role as the assistant Arastoo Vaziri for Bones, he had other roles in "Sleeper Cell" (2005), "Arrested Development" (2006), "Mind of Mencia" (2006-2007), "Valentine" (2008), "The Unit - A Few Good Men" and "Lie to Me" (2009), "Grey's Anatomy" (2011), "Shameless" (2011-2012). He is currently working on "Zoe Ever After" (2016).


He has German ancestors. He lived in Frankfurt for a short time when he was a child. Pej is very familiar with the German culture that he really enjoys today. However, he grew up in San Jose, California. In California, he attended San Diego State University. During the time at this school he played tennis and even thought about playing professionally. When he was in the eleventh grade, his passion for acting was sparked. In his sparetime, he is active in sports, plays tennis and basketball. Pej lives in Los Angeles.

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