Pete Geller or The Killer Clown is an EMT and a serial killer who appeared in Mummy in the Maze. His nickname is derived from the clown costume he wears when he sends his victims to die from fear.

Modus Operandi Edit

Pete Geller abducts young, teenage girls from Shoreline Amusement Park one week before October 31; Halloween. He sedates them, drugs them with multiple heavy stimulants, scares them to death, mummifies their corpses, and uses them as props for Halloween themed events. He wears a clown costume when he sends his victims to their deaths. His main weapon of choice is a Scattergun.

Mummy in the Maze Edit

Geller first appeared helping a woman recover from anxiety after seeing a dead body in an attraction called "The Dungeon of 1000 Corpses." He was later seen wearing a clown mask trying to shoot Booth and Brennan for trying to help Megan Shaw. Booth recognized that he was an infantry solider from the Navy. Geller went behind the door to kill Brennan and Megan, but Booth's shot went through the metal door and strikes Geller in the heart, killing him.

Victims Edit

Victims by Proxy Edit

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