Rhonda Fitzgibbons is an extreme coupon collector. Sweets and Booth attend the meeting of the Coupon Club which includes the murder victim Barb Berquist and found there was a bunch of warring women. Booth asks about the "Deal Diva" and Rhonda occurs before together with a metal liner. Sweets registered immediately that it could be in the box to the murder weapon. Booth asks if he could see the bush, but Rhonda resists. Booth takes it tight and then immediately fly various coupons through the area. Immediately they are picked up by the other extreme coupon collectors. Booth and Sweets interrogate Rhonda and this tells them that they have been best friends and Barb, to Rhonda Barb has shown the coupon collecting. After that Barb has turned into a monster. Rhonda says that she did not want to give Barb a coupon two weeks ago, then Barb has hit the head of Rhonda in a shopping cart. But Rhonda has an alibi for the night of the murder. She hands Booth and Sweets access to shopping list, proving that she has not been in the vicinity of the Fields Market in the night of the murder.

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