Rick Cortez is the brother of the murder victim Debbie Cortez. He explains their parents were killed in a plane crash when the victim was nine. Rick, now unemployed, used to work as a security guard at a toy company where his sister was a big executive. He claims not to know who would want to hurt his sister. Later Angela examines Debbie's computer and finds a series of emails in which Debbie writes to someone demanding he/she return the stolen Prince Charmington. Angela traces the address -- it belongs to Debbie's brother. Booth and Sweets confront Rick. They search his truck and find vintage toys. Rick has been stealing historic items from the toy company all along and selling them to the highest bidders. Rick swears Debbie wasn't there when he broke into the factory. Booth then shows Rick the Prince Charmington doll. Rick says it was Debbie's and was the last thing their mom gave her. He denies dropping a loading-dock door on his sister. He also claims he loves and she was all that he had.
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