Robert Frazier is an social worker. He killed Terence Bancroft for a few pounds of heroin being held by a young boy named Julio who was murdered by his suppliers since Terence wasn't able to turn the heroin over to the police. Frazier's motive was stated to be that he's a drug junkie and wears his leather jacket to hide the track marks on his arms. Caroline Julian also states that Frazier has "every needle disease in the book, except HIV." After Frazier's lawyer learned that Terence was married to Doctor Jack Hodgins' ex-fiancé and that Hodgins was the one who discovered the incriminating evidence, he made it seem like Hodgins may have framed Frazier. The judge ultimately gave the team one day to find evidence that Hodgins hadn't touched and though difficult they found it: a fungus found by Doctor Zack Addy in the spot where the victim's blood had pooled. Doctor Angela Montenegro, through information she had gotten from dating Hodgins, was able to identify the fungus which became the key piece of evidence in the trial: aspergillus ustus. Having gotten their evidence, the team bring it to the jury: the team had a clinical expert in drug addiction test the aspergillus against the various diseases Frazier has and finds that the strain in Terence exactly matched the one in Frazier. The odds of that happening are naturally are incalculable. When Frazier stabbed Terence in the jugular, he nicked himself and introduced the bacteria directly into Terence's bloodstream. The fungus then only developed where blood from the fatal stab had pooled along the spinal cord and did not spread throughout his body, meaning only Fraizer could've infected Terence and only moments before his death. As Zack, Angela and Bones were the ones to find, identify and figure out the significance of the fungus with Hodgins having no part in it, the new evidence stands the jury finds Fraizer guilty of Terence's murder.

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