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"My father always wanted me to defect. He wanted this life for me. He fought the government, was sent to prison three times. I couldn't leave him there alone. When he died...  My life here is for him. My success? it will show my people what's possible."

Rodolfo Fuentes is a squintern introduced in Season 9 of Bones.


Rodolfo was born and raised in Cuba, where he had a PhD in forensic anthropology from the University of Havana and worked as the head forensic anthropologist for the Cuban government. He was able to defect and get asylum in the United States, but since his doctorate isn't valid there, he is studying to get an American degree.


Season 9[]

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He has a very similar personality to Brennan, although he has far more people skills. Like Bones, he is self-asserting, confident, arrogant according to some people, and strongly follows the evidence. He's also rather adorable personality-wise, and rather funny although he makes a bad first impression with all the woman in the lab because he thinks he can get in their pants, especially Dr. Brennan. Angela on the other hand seems to think he is quite the charmer and rather good looking.

He is an atheist. And he loves chainsaws.