Roger Dillon is the murder victim in Boy in the Time Capsule.

Constantly bullied in high school, his one friend was Gil Bates. Together they planned to release a video game and set up their own company when they left high school - Roger's code for the game being far more advanced for his time than anything else on the market, while Gil would handle the business side of things.

Roger tutored Janelle Stinson in Math, once wading through a thick, dangerous fog to get to her house. She found him sweet and eventually they slept together and he got her pregnant. Roger took the SAT test for John Adamson to earn some extra money so he could marry Janelle and take care of their baby.

When his high school buried the time capsule he put in a Rubik's Cube. Later that night he and Gil put together some prank items to put in the time capsule and dug it up. As they did so Roger explained to Gil he wasn't going to be going into business with him and was instead going to marry Janelle - not explaining that they had an unborn child. Gil was upset and Roger pushed him over, Gil picked up an asphalt shovel they'd used to dig up the capsule and hit Roger, killing him in one blow. Gil cradled Roger's body as he died before throwing him into the time capsule and reburying it.

20 years later, the time capsule was dug up by the reunion committee. Roger's body was found inside and Booth and Brennan solved his murder.

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