Rulz is a D.J.. Brennan and her assistant, Zack Addy, discover a belly button ring with the words "Love Rulz" engraved on it, making a fellow disc jockey, D.J. Rulz, a prime suspect. The stud came from D.J. Mount's girlfriend, who was D.J. Rulz's ex-girlfriend. Later Randall Hall tells them that Rulz built himself a new studio a day after Mount went missing. They find Eve's body using a police cadaver dog, but Rulz did not have the strength to kill her, as he was shot through the wrist a few years ago. Because of the boost it would give his career, Rulz actually wanted to go to jail so Booth made a deal with him where he would go to prison for awhile in exchange for cooperating much to the confusion of Brennan.

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