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Sam Nozik is one of the murder victims in The Finder.

Nozik was one of the museum guards who worked with protecting maritime artifacts. The museum's head curator, Lambert Chaisson, hired him to steal a nautical chart fragment which was believed to lead to the Spanish treasure ship; the Santa Esperanza.

Walter's Finder Power[]

Walter deduced that he was clinically depressed because he was dying of a terminal heart condition. He had weight issues and a lot of other health problems, including losing his sight in one eye and having to replace it with a glass eye. He recently sold all of his belongings except for hundreds of books involving crime, except one about "The Healing Power of the Pyramids" where a ticket to a safety deposit box was used as a bookmark. No pets, no friends, and no computer. Nozik doesn't have any alcoholic beverages in his apartment, but he was drunk in a video which shows him stealing the chart fragment. Ike theorizes that Nozik read too many tough guy books, imagines himself as a hard boiled crook, and shows up to the meet after drinking a lot of whiskey without the chart. He demands more money and he gets himself murdered after being tortured for the location of the chart and deposited into a swamp where he is found by Booth and Brennan after the police received an anonymous call with Nozik's exact GPS Coordinates.


  • He is named after the real Sam Nozik who worked on the show.
  • Nozik had a glass (Acrylic) eye.