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Scott Starret is a character in Bones played by Michael Badalucco.


Starret has lived an exciting life having multiple sons, jobs, and pets.

Season 4[]

Dr. Brennan's oldest grad student who becomes her assistant in The Finger in the Nest. After the episode, he moves to Arizona to work on an Archaeological Dig there.

Season 10[]

Appears as the pilot of a DC-3 airplane in the 200th episode special, where he helps Camile Saroyan flee after she kidnaps Temperance Brennan. He gets in a fight with Booth when he boards the plane and is subsequently knocked unconscious.


  • Starret is middle aged and has held numerous jobs as a Veterinarian Assistant, an EMT, a Park Supervisor, and a Used Car Salesman.
  • As a used car salesman, he sold Hodgins a vintage 1950's hot rod in the late 1990's which broke down a week after being bought.
  • Starret mentioned that he has 4 sons. He even stated they they had acne.
  • He has 7 dogs, 14 guinea pigs, and 1 reticulated python.
  • He appears to be fluent in German.
  • He is the first intern who worked in the lab only once, on The Finger in the Nest. The second is Sammy Mills.