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"Some things are easy to make fun of. Doesn't mean they're not important."

Seth Zalinsky appears in The But in the Joke. According to Fisher, he is a mysterious street artist known as Zedd who kept his identity a secret to the public.


While he was sticking one of his works on a billboard, he drops his bucket of glue and falls on top of a corpse. When he wakes up, Booth and Brennan take him to the Jeffersonian since they can't unstick him from the remains. Angela identifies him as Zedd by looking at the painting recovered from the scene. The remains are later identified as Morgan Donnelly.

Later, Fisher had to sedate him so they can unstick the glue from him and the remains with peanut butter. He also shared a kiss with Angela she admired the artist in him. After taking a look at the paintings in her office, he could tell that she had dreams before starting a family. When he found out that she got a ticket for running an illegal right turn on red at the corner of Broadway and Nash, he agrees to take care of it for her in exchange for keeping his identity a secret. Before leaving, he tells Angela that she has "excellent technique," which depresses her.

When Hodgins found out from Seth that Angela kissed him, he confronts her in the Royal Diner. She tells him that she kissed him because of who he is and how his art is changing the world. She told Hodgins about how Seth told her that she had "excellent technique" which was not good.

After the case was solved, Angela painted graffiti under a highway overpass hoping that Seth would see it and paint something. He takes a look at the graffiti, but he leaves which prompts Hodgins to run after him. Seth tells Hodgins and Angela that he didn't paint anything because he had nothing better to say than she did. He tells her that he loves it and "her technique blows," which makes her smile as he leaves. Hodgins tried to stop him again, but Angela tells him that it was a compliment.


  • So far, only Hodgins, Angela, and Fisher know that Seth is the street artist; Zedd.
  • He was called Tripod in high school.
  • When Angela meets Zedd, she assumed that he was older.
  • He likes to wear kilts.