Shawn Cook is one of foster sons of Margaret Sanders, the brother of David Cook and the foster brother of the murder victim Charlie Sanders. He and David were placed in the foster care system due to parental abuse. Angela's isolated reflection of Charlie's abductor turns out to be his foster brother, Shawn. It emerges that Shawn brought Charlie to the mall to see their neighbor, Edward Nelson. However, Shawn didn't know that Nelson would hurt or kill Charlie. Shawn is sweet and innocent, and just wants to stay with Margaret and David. Bones is able to identify with Shawn due to her experience in the foster care system, and is able unlock the secrets within his mind and heart.


  • Unlike his brother, Shawn calls Margaret Sanders by her first name while David calls Margaret Mom instead.
  • While talking with Brennan, Shawn implies that he and David have been separated in the past while in foster care. Shawn also implies that David protects him as Shawn states that having David sleeping in bunk beds with him at Margaret's home comforts him as he knows his brother is there guarding him.
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