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Squints is a term often used by FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth to refer to academics who help law enforcement officers when they are "stuck".


Booth refers to Bones and her team as a "squint" in the pilot episode.

Throughout the series Booth (and at one point, Caroline Julian) refers to Bones and her crew as the squint squad, a term which has evolved from a derogatory term to one which is used affectionately to all Jeffersonian scientists. Also, throughout the series, Booth refers to them as "his" squints. Booth also calls the interns that work at the lab "Squinterns", a combination of the words Squint and interns, throughout the series.

In season 8 episode 12 The Corpse on the Canopy, Caroline Julian coined the word "Squintspertese" when most of the Jeffersonian workers were dismissed on the latest Pelant case, reason being it was "need-to-know only."