Steven Turnbull appears in A Night at the Bones Museum. He is responsible for the death of Dr. Leslie Kaswell.

Turnbull and Dr. Kaswell have been examining an Egyptian mummy from the 18th Dynasty named Anok. After Leland Frankel got approval to perform CAT Scans on Anok from Azita Jabbari, he discovered that there was a giant ruby in the place where Anok's heart would be which was left there by his mother, the Pharaoh's wife, before he was buried. He decided to take the ruby to make up for losing his retirement funds in the stock market. While he was extracting it, Dr. Kaswell interrupted him and their fight ended with him killing her by stabbing her eye with an early steel scalprum made in Ancient Rome. He took the ruby, hid Dr. Kaswell in Anok's Sarcophagus, and threw Anok's remains in a dumpster.

Anok's body was found by a radical group of environmentalists who hung it onto an electric fence to protest against the use of energy with a negative environmental impact. When Booth and Brennan asked for Dr. Kaswell's notes, he deliberately withdrew the CAT Scans and most likely destroyed them to prevent them from discovering what was in Anok's chest. When they realized that, they examined his car which was getting cleaned by an auto detailer, Rodney. The contents of the vacuum smelled like Frankincense and Myrrh, the scented oils used when Anok was embalmed after he died 3000 years ago. After getting caught, Turnbull confessed to Kaswell's murder and he was arrested by Booth. The ruby was retrieved and put on display at the Jeffersonian along with Anok and his older brother, Meti, who was on loan from the Natural History Museum in New York. Brennan had the opportunity to determine Meti's cause of death and exonerate Anok through a message from the pharaoh's wife which was left with the ruby in Anok's chest.

Trivia Edit

  • Turnbull can be regarded as the Anti-Goodman. He would rather defile and destroy ancient artifacts to get rich as opposed to Daniel Goodman who would do whatever it takes to preserve them.
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