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Sylvie Boudrais aka Elle is the main killer in the Temperance Brennan novel Death du Jour. “Elle”, self-named, is the leader of a murderous doomsday cult, responsible for brainwashing and holding captive Tempe’s sister, Harry.


Boudrais is a common case of a wasted talent and spirit. She’s descended from a Québécois mother and has an IQ off the charts, but her mother died and her father would beat her and sell her into pedophilic prostitution, scarring her from the frequent sexual violation. She dropped out of school and ran away from home, where she moved herself between various apocalypse-obsessed cults, before some of the cults she came to knew defected and started their own. With their hysteria and her abuses, she wouldn’t stop at assimilating and maddening into hive minds. The entire cult would spiral into gruesome torture and murder.

Death du Jour[]