Symchay Conteh is the murder victim in The Survivor in the Soap.

Symchay was a former child soldier in Sierra Leone during the civil war there, serving under war criminal Joseph Mbarga. Symchay eventually immigrated to the United States with the help of lawyer Wilford Hamilton, but became distraught after seeing a picture of Mbarga during the war in Kimberly Singer's art gallery. Symchay recognized Mbarga as the janitor in his building and confronted Hamilton with it. Rather than admit to taking money from a war criminal, Hamilton murdered Symchay with a tribal mask made from a melted-down AK-47.

Symchay's murder was investigated by the FBI and Alex Radziwill from the State Department. With the help of Symchay's friend Brima Chalobah, Agent Seeley Booth and Doctor Temperance Brennan went through Kimberly's gallery trying to find out what had upset Symchay so much. Brima eventually broke down at the sight of Mbarga's picture and Booth recognized him as the janitor in Symchay's building.

Mbarga was arrested for Symchay's murder and though he ultimately proven innocent, Angela Montenegro was able to use the voiceprint from Mbarga's interrogation video to confirm his identity and he was deported to the Hauge to face trial for his war crimes. Brennan identified Hamilton as Symchay's true killer and he was arrested for the murder.

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