Dr. Tessa Burke appears in The Pathos in the Pathogens. Burke was the prime suspect in the murder of investigative blogger Mia Garrett as Burke had been fired for stealing samples from a Level 4 lab, samples that could've been used to infect Mia. Under questioning and after being informed that Leonard Thorne had revealed the reason for her firing, Burke insisted upon her innocence in both the murder and the theft. Instead, Burke claimed to have been working with Mia to bring down Thorne who was willing to do anything to keep his grants, including releasing a deadly virus so that he could be a hero with his antidote. Doctor Ivan Jacobs of the CDC was able to determine that the botulinum toxin came from Thorne's lab and was given to the lab a year after Burke was fired, exonerating Burke and confirming Thorne's guilt instead. As a result, Booth departed Burke's interrogation rather abruptly, telling the confused Burke that she was free to go.

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