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The Big Beef at the Royal Diner is the sixteenth episode of the tenth season of Bones.


The remains of a popular TV celebrity chef are discovered at a local park, and the Jeffersonian team must search for clues in local restaurants that he had been reviewing. When evidence points to the Royal Diner, Brennan and Booth's favorite eatery, the two must risk their status as favored patrons by questioning the staff. Meanwhile, Hodgins sells his new invention for millions and Brennan creates an anatomically correct song to help Christine learn about the bones in the human body.


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Featured Music[]

  • "F.D.J." by THE SAFES
  • "Dem Bones" by Sunnie Pelant & David Boreanaz


  • This episode (the 206th in the series overall) marks the series becoming the longest-running one-hour-long drama series produced by 20th Century Fox Television. To celebrate this all 206 bones in the human body are mentioned.
  • During Brennan's correction of Christine's anatomy song, she lists the hyoid as a part of the chest. This is incorrect - the hyoid is a U-shaped bone in the neck that supports the tongue.


Brennan: We're a good team, Clark.
Edison: Yes, we are, but it kind of weirds me out when you refer to me by my first name...Temperance.
Brennan: Hmmm, I thought you couldn't bring yourself to use mine.
Edison: Yeah, I gave it a shot. I got to tell you, it hurt a little bit.

Cam, overhearing Brennan rapping: Very nice, Dr. Brennan. I had no idea you were so talented.
Brennan: Well, yes. Sometimes I surprise myself.