The Blonde in the Game is the fourth episode of the second season of Bones.

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Skeletal remains of a young girl are found, and when brought back to the lab, the team recognizes this is not just any murder but that of Howard Epps, who the team encountered in the first season, a convicted serial killer on death row. He left clues leading to another body, a fresh kill that is only a week old. Brennan and her team scramble to decipher Epps' cryptic clues as they try in a desperate effort to find his accomplice who has been killing for Epps. When they realize that another victim may be alive, the team works under pressure to try to find the young girl.

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It Don't Matter To The Sun - Rosie Thomas

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  • BoothRun her through the database, get an ID. 

CamWhy don't you just ask him? 

Booth: Well, because the last time Bones saw Epps, it got violent. 

CamYou'll be there to protect her.

BoothShe's not the one who needs protecting. Bones broke his wrist.

Brennan [ flashback to when Bones broke Epps's wrist] He touched me with his creepy serial killer hands.

CamBetter not take Dr. Brennan.

  • BrennanAre you on some kind of medication? 


Caroline Epps: Dr. Brennan, I'm not one of those crazy women who falls in love with death row killers. 

Brennan: Obviously, that's exactly what you are. 

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