This is the second episode of ninth season of Bones.

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The episode starts with a pair of Animal Control officers preparing to approach a bobcat. While they successfully catch the bobcat, one of them attempts to get samples of what he was eating, in case the bobcat gets sick, while the other recovers a human arm that the bobcat was eating.

While Cam and Arastoo Vaziri are driving to the crime scene together, they are pulled over by a cop. Cam gets angered by this, and demands to know what's going on. The cop soon accuses her of stealing many things and committing fraud.

Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan "Bones" discover they must go undercover to investigate the murder. They, once again, pretend to be Tony and Roxy, after Brennan suggests being Buck and Wanda. They go to a marriage retreat. Booth, using his military training, was able to pass the obstacle course easily. During this investigation, Brennan sometimes forgets to talk with a Jersey accent, and can't help but blurt out many smart things.

Back at the lab, Angela secretly works on something for Cam, after they discover that she has almost lost everything. Cam refused help from everyone, even when Jack Hodgins offered her a lawyer friend of his. Yet, she still refuses help and says she can do it on her own.

Booth and Brennan finally come home. Angela confronts Brennan, and asks her what she learned. Brennan says her and Booth--compared to other couples--are in good shape, and love each other very much. Angela is still mad at Booth, and asks Brennan why she is not. Brennan replies, saying that she doesn't care why he is hiding something, but only that he loves her.

At the end, Booth and Brennan discover an older couple from the retreat killed the victim, in defense of each other.

Though, Cam doesn't get back what is hers, Angela does remarkable things that help Cam very much.

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"Long Way Down" by Frances Cone

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Bones 9x02 Promo "The Cheat in the Retreat" (HD)

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