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The Jewel in the Crown is the twenty-first episode of the eleventh season of Bones.


The team investigates a body found at a glass recycling plant with a diamond lodged in its jaw. French Inspector Rousseau approaches the team with an accusation against the Marquis De Chaussin, who is revealed to be the victim's husband and lives in Virginia. Meanwhile, Booth discovers he suffers from a temporary eye illness, and Hodgins thinks he's being followed by a ghost.


Main Cast[]

Intern of the Week[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Inspector Rousseau - Sebastian Roche
  • Marquis de Chaussin - Gilles Marini
  • Blake Masters - Rebekah Graf
  • Chadwick Grey - Tom Wisdom
  • Eve Mayweather - Nicole Bilderback
  • Valet - Desmond Chiam


  • The plot, a French detective in pursuit of a high society jewel thief, is a tribute to The Pink Panther movies, as well as Detective Rousseau (Rooso) sounding very close to Inspected Clouseau (Clooso).
  • A marquis and his wife, a marquise is nobility, or aristocracy, not royalty. He is properly addressed as Your Lordship or Your Ladyship. While Aubrey may be being sarcastic in addressing the Marquis as Your Highness, other characters make the mistake as well.


  • Booth: I’m fine. Okay? Listen, I’ve had 20/10 vision my whole life. It’s what makes me an expert marksman.
    Brennan: I hate to tell you this, Booth, but you’re not 22 anymore.
  • Hodgins:[Looking at the victim] So, the victim was a human pincushion? It's gonna be like working on a cactus
  • Aubrey: You know what the nuns in Catholic school say what causes blindness?
    Booth: That's funny.
  • Daisy: I would have thought that someone who's convinced that alien beings built Stonehenge, would be more open to the paranormal.
    Hodgins: Daisy, I'm open as long as it has scientific basis. I mean, come on, ghosts do not.
  • Hodgins:[With a French accent] Ah, oui, once again Inspector Clouseau is on zhe trail of zhe Pink Panther. And zhis time, we can help
    Brennan: Why are you talking in that ridiculous accent?
    Hodgins: I'm... I'm doing Clouseau, from the Pink Panther movies. Peter Seller or Steve Martin, both comic geniuses in their own right.
    Brennan: Well, I'm not familiar with them, although I'm quite sure panthers are never pink.
    Hodgins: No, no, no...
    Cam: Eh, don't bother. She's a lost cause... in terms of movies, I mean...
    Hodgins: Seriously?