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The Movie in the Making is the eighteenth episode of the eleventh season of Bones.


To produce a television segment on the Jeffersonian’s Medico-Legal lab, a documentary crew follows Brennan, Booth and the Jeffersonian/FBI team on a “typical” case as they investigate a corpse found in a landfill that was buried there more than a decade ago. The camera captures normally unseen footage of the team at work, while candid commentary by each of the team members provides an inside look at the investigation as Booth and Aubrey show off their unique skills in the field, and Brennan and her team prove their expertise and integral importance to solving murder cases.


Main Cast[]

Intern of the Week[]

Recurring Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Roy Bloom - Jack McGee
  • Amy Caputo - Camille Chen
  • Carl Collins - David Hoffman
  • Janis Collins - Stephanie Hodge
  • Gary Lempke - John Marshall Jones
  • Ms. Susan - Lisa Maley

Featured Music[]

  • Ooh La La by Julie Corbalis & Hope Machine


  • Emily Deschanel's son, Henry Lamar Hornsby, and David Boreanaz's daughter, Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz were acting as Christine's primary school classmates along side various writers & crew children too.
  • It has been frequently shown that Agent Aubrey has unusual tastes in food. At one point, he is shown putting spray cheese on a microwaved frozen burrito.
  • In the Royal Diner scene with Booth & Brennan, some diners had their faces blurred out to reflect people asking for anonymity in real life documentaries
  • Booth says he was a football and hockey player before becoming a FBI Agent and U.S. Army Ranger, this is a reference to David Boreanaz in real life he played for his high school football team and is a avid hockey player.
  • Angela’s retelling of Hodgins’ paralysis is wrong. She says they were told he was paralyzed when she was called to the hospital after the explosion. Hodgins actually left the hospital and collapsed later due to delayed swelling and taking aspirin. Angela may have just been condensing the story though.
  • The case Hodgins refers to, when discussing the smell of corpses with Saroyan, is from an earlier episode. Season 9, Episode 13 "Big in the Philippines", where the victim was found in a pool of vomit that consisted of the victim's own flesh. (Animals had eaten the flesh, then vomitted it back up.)


  • Alex Duffy: Given all you've already accomplished in your life, what is it you'd like to be when you grow up, Dr. Brennan?
    Brennan: That's easy. I'd like to be the mother of the world's greatest car salesperson.
  • Booth: At the end of the day, I'd like to be someone who's given more than they've taken.
  • Angela: I want to be somebody who sees the beauty in the world and is able to share it with those around her.
  • Hodgins: I want to be someone who never stops looking.
  • Brennan: Booth and I were not arguing at the scene of the crime. I mean, we were having a healthy debate between husband and wife.
    Booth: Right. Sometimes our debates are so 'healthy,' I end up sleeping on the couch. It's true.
  • Alex Duffy: Being a father yourself, how do you accuse a man of killing his own child?
    Booth: Look, I love my children and I'd bend the world to protect them. To think about harming one of them is inconceivable to me. But, you see, there's darkness in this world. And just because you or I might not be able to see it doesn't mean it isn't there. Now, I certainly hope this man didn't kill his own child. But at the end of the day, my loyalty isn't to him. It's to the kid.
  • Brennan: Sweets was a friend, but he's dead now.
    Booth: He was a psychologist with the Bureau, and I would argue that he's probably the reason why we're together? I would say yeah, pretty much.
    Brennan: We still miss him a lot.
    Booth: Yeah. He was a good friend and this job can be hard sometimes.
  • Cam: So what does that mean, the victim was beaten with a fish?
    Hodgins: No. Seriously?
  • Booth: At the end of the day, I'd like to be someone who's given more than they've taken.
  • Aubrey: I want to be what every grown-up wants to be: a kid!
  • Hodgins:[while shooting the documentary] And that, ladies and gentleman, that is why they call me King of the Lab!

Cam:[In a 1-on-1 shoot] No one calls him King of the Lab. I mean no one other than himself, at least.
Arastoo:[In a 1-on-1 shoot] He also call himself King of the Break Room, King of the Parking Lot. Oh, and once, after making an anonymous donation, he was the King of Modesty.
Brennan:[In a 1-on-1 shoot] I once heard Dr. Hodgins refer to himself as the King of Egypt.
Angela: [In a 1-on-1 shoot] The Jeffersonian has this, uh, ancient Egyptian wing, inside of which there is this huge bed, which is... so perfect for... Let's just say, if Hodgins is the King of Egypt, then I'm most definitely the Queen!

  • Brennan: In addition to being a best-selling author, I also hold 3 doctorates and I... I speak 8 languages, 2 of which you've probably never heard of. So... yes, I think it's safe to say I am indeed smarter than Ms. Susan.
  • Brennan: Booth is an intelligent man. He's in touch with his feelings and... he trusts those feelings. It's part of what makes him exceptional at his job. But, in my opinion, feelings are malleable and easily manipulated.
  • Brennan: Booth has formed a connection with the victim's father because he, too, has an addiction to gambling. It's... it's a struggle Booth knows all too well. And because Booth can now see himself in the victim's father, he no longer feels the man would be capable of killing his own son.
  • Cam: Also, since we are a professional establishment, I would prefer if you referred to me as Dr. Saroyan.
    Hodgins: [In a 1-on-1 with the documentary makers] Yeah, Cam takes herself pretty seriously. Sorry, I should have said: Dr. Saroyan takes herself pretty seriously.
  • Hodgins: So, in addition to the bugs and slime guy, I'm kind of like the swab guy, too. Yeah! Yeah, there are some that might actually call me the King of the Swabs.


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