This is the twenty-second episode of the tenth season of Bones.


When the Jeffersonian team discovers remains of a victim, and elements of the crime scene point to a possible protégé of serial killer Christopher Pelant, they must revisit their prior work on Pelant while tracing new clues that will hopefully lead them to the copycat killer. Meanwhile, Angela is skeptical about her and Hodgins decision to move to Paris and Brennan and Booth contemplate options outside of the Jeffersonian and FBI.



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  • Into the Mystic by Van Morrison


  • "The Next in the Last" Was originally called "The End in the End"
  • This episode was written to serve as either a season finale or possibly a series finale, because Bones wasn’t guaranteed a renewal and didn’t receive its official renewal until after this episode aired.


  • Brennan: Pelant is in the past. I won't have him steal the new life Booth and I are going to live.
  • Angela: [Looking at Clark doing facial reconstruction] If this is somehow related to Pelant...

Clark: [Angela takes it over from him] Thank you.

Angela: Honestly, I can't bear to see something done this badly

Clark: I'm insulted and yet grateful

  • Camille Saroyan: Dr. Hodgins! What are you doing?

Jack Hodgins: [Next to a giant machine] Hey! I borrowed this puppy from the Manhattan project exhibit.

Angela: Eh, Hodgins, please tell me you're not building a bomb

  • Brennan: You could take the job at the NSA and I could take over the department at Fulton. They'd give me unlimited funds.

Booth: Or we could just have a baby and live our lives and be happy.

Brennan: That sounds so good. But I don't want you to do anything that you don't...

Booth: No, I want to, I do.

  • Seeley Booth: If someone's coming after me and my family, I'm the guy who's gonna take him out
  • Dr. Brennan: [At the crime scene, looking at the victim] The removal of the skin, the placement of the body. This is precise work!

Camille: Almost as good as my work. Almost.

  • Booth:[after making an arrest with a fight] What part of "FBI" did you not understand?


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BONES Change? from "The End in the End" FOX

BONES Change? from "The End in the End" FOX

BONES Season 10 Finale Trailer FOX BROADCASTING

BONES Season 10 Finale Trailer FOX BROADCASTING

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