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The Party in the Pants is the twenty-second episode of the eighth season of Bones.


The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Jack Spindler, a successful employee at a brokerage firm by day, but a stripper by night. When the team learns how Spindler's moonlighting affected his personal life, they start to question the people closest to him, including his stripper friend, Storm. Meanwhile, Booth's mother shows up after a 24-year absence in his life and makes a special request of him.


The opening scene shows the victim being discovered under the remains of a building. 

At the FBI headquarters Booth gets a visit from his mother who apologizes for being absent from his life for 24 years. They embrace and Booth offers her to stay at his house. 

At the crime scene, the body is identied as a white male who worked as a stripper dressed as a firefighter. His death is estimated to happen four days prior.  At the Jeffersonian, the team examines the body, whose death happened prior to the collapse of the building. The victim's name is Jack Spindler and was reported missing by his boss Seth Harrison at Duncore Investments. His body shows signs of Blount's disease associated with childhood obesity. 

Back at the house Booth and his mother catch up on each other's lives, and Brennan makes some observations about old injuries that Marianne Booth got from being thrown down the stairs by Booth's father. Marianne comments that it will never happen again and how proud she is of her son. 

Booth interviews Mr. Harrison, who didn't know that his employee was a stripper and tells agent Boooth that he was very successfull and good at his job. At the victim's home Sweets profiles Jack as being riddled with body image issues where stripping would give him the confidence and attention, he craved. His answering machine had a message from his girlfriend Kristy Mineta, who's angry at him for cheating on her. During her interview, she tells Sweets that one of Jack's friends, Storm, who had gotten Jack into stripping and he in return stole his clients restulting in a fight a couple of weeks ago. Storm tells Booth and Brennan that Jack often slept with the clients. 

At the playground Marianne tells Booth that she is getting married to her pianist Reggie, and she wants Booth to walk her down the aisle. She also tells him that Reggie has two children, who she had been taken care of leaving Booth hurt over the fact that she had been a mother to them and not him and Jared Booth. She later comes by the office and tells him that she wants to be happy in the time, she has left and says that she will remember these last few days. She promptly leaves after that. 

Back at the Jeffersonian, the victim's bills are analyzed for DNA and a woman named Cynthia White shows up on a bill used for snorting drugs. She also slept with Jack during her bachelorette party and had a fight with her fiancee Jason Wyler. Jason knew about the affair but has an alibi for the night. Angela finds deleted emails in the victim's computer from Jack's boss dictating his plans to buy cheap stocks and resell them to clients before the market value dropped. 

Booth interogates Mr. Harrison who says that Jack sold the stocks to Kristy causing her to lose at least 200,000 dollars. Mr. Harrison is arrested after this. The team finds out that Jack was beaten with a toy gun owned by Storm. Storm confesses to killing Jack due to him investing his only money in the worthless stocks. 

Booth and Brennan travel to the church where his mother is getting married and witness the ceremony. 


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  • Something Good In This World by Marc Scibilia


  • Booth had the Phillie Phanatic toy when he "was little," but that is difficult to reconcile with his c. 1971 birth, since the Phanatic character wasn't created and portrayed until 1978, and presumably it took time for the doll to be produced after that.

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