The Prisoner in the Pipe is the seventh episode of the seventh season of Bones.


An escaped convict's remains are found in a residential sewer pipe, but the team finds evidence that a murder occurred inside a prison. Meanwhile, Booth asks Brennan to take it easy as they await the birth. Booth is not happy when Brennan, in an advanced state of pregnancy, decides she is the only scientist who can solve the mystery of a prisoner's corpse found miles from the prison in the sewer system.

Just as Brennan and Booth are confronting the murderer Brennan goes into labor. They quickly get into the car, Booth tells Brennan that they are not going to make it to a hospital in time, Brennan wanted a home birth where she could keep things under control but Booth wanted a hospital birth.

As Brennan and Booth were driving they saw an inn. Booth gets out the car leaving a screaming Brennan and goes to talk to the man in the inn. He says that they were having a wine tasting that day with all the fine wine consumers attending and that they had to go somewhere else. Brennan then threatens to have her baby on the lawn in front of the wine tasting if she doesn't get a room. The man tells them that there is a lovely room out back.

That room is a stable and very ironic due to Brennan's lack of Christian beliefs in the series.

They have a beautiful baby girl that they call Christine Angela Booth and Brennan tells Booth that they were now a family. They come home to a surprise party for Christine that was set up by Hodgins, Angela, Cam, Sweets and Daisy. All of the colleagues fall in love with cute little Christine immediately. Daisy is inspired by Christine, so she tells Sweets that they should have one (a baby) sometime. Sweets just gives her an uncertain look.


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How Bad We Need Each Other by Marc Scibilia


  • Daisy: We all need to pitch in and help [Dr. Brennan] every way we can. I'm becoming a certified doula.
    Brennan: You aren't getting anywhere near my cervix, Ms. Wick.

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