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The Secret in the Soil is the fourth episode of the third season of Bones.


Booth and Brennan are called to investigate a decomposed body found on the grounds of a defunct VA hospital. The body, belonging to the founder of an organic supermarket chain, was indicated by its unusually high temperature to have been incinerated. The team discovers a double homicide when flesh from another body is found, which turns out to have belonged to the first victim's daughter. Meanwhile, the FBI forces Booth and Brennan to undergo psychiatric counseling with Dr. Lance Sweets


Dr. Sweets is trying to get Booth and Bones to do an exercise. They don’t want to cooperate. He tells them that the FBI is thinking about breaking up their partnership because he arrested her father. Sweets pulls his power over Booth, but Bones agrees to cooperate. Booth is ticked that it was Saturday night as he had good seats to a baseball game. It’s all trumped by a dead body. A pair was going to a romantic spot and tripped over remains. Bones doesn’t think the body has been dead as long as it looks and tells Cam to a take a temperature. It’s 127 degrees. The body was cooked before it was dumped.

At the lab, Hodgins thinks it could be linked to the cannibal case. Hodgins is going crazy about all the bugs. Booth pops into Bones office. He wants to know how she answered a question. Angela comes in with an id. He was only reported missing the day before. Hodgins comes in with test results. The victim had pesticide on his pants. It goes against his business model, which is a pesticide free. The pair go to visit the family. They ask about businesses and other farmers and legal issues. They get a lead and go visit a farm. Bones informs the man that he is dead. He’s happy. Booth tells the man that Frank was covered in the same pesticide that he just got approved to use the same pesticide.

At the lab, there are indentations. It’s buttons but the victims clothing doesn’t have any buttons. On the drive, Bones talks about tobacco and how it’s cured. Cam calls and tells them that this victim was pressed up against another body and its tissue melted onto this victim. Bones tells Booth they will be looking for another victim when they search the farm. The farmer’s wife tells them that Frank liked to flirt. Hodgins and Zack talk about small houses, and power saving lights. Hodgins finds a bug that is only on pineapple plants. Angela has read an article about a farmer in Virginia trying to grow pineapples in a hot house.

They go to talk to the hot house owner. He uses an exercise bike to power a blender. He gives the two permission to see the hot house while he runs the blender. As they walk around, Booth gets a whiff of something bad. The owner comes in and says the vents are open so you can smell the compost place a mile away. Hodgins realizes that in a compost bin you can get to 170 degrees. They go back to the compost farm. 43 farmers have access. Bones wants it shut down and searched. They want a warrant.

Bones and Booth are back with Dr. Sweets. They start bickering again. Dr. Sweets goads them on. Hodgins is happy going through the compost farm. Zack as found some additional injuries. Booth can’t cope with the compost heap. They find another body. The body was only there for a few hours and Cam asks Hodgins to calculate time of death. Zack catalogs the injuries, including signs of CPR. Booth talks to Frank’s wife again about his infidelities. But the truth comes out. They go over the head trauma. Cam has a possible suspect. Zack cannot figure out what the weapon Booth brings in a suspect for questioning.

Turns out Frank was jealously possessive of Emma. But this suspect was also stalking her. He also sells hemp products. However, it turns out that Emma is actually Frank’s daughter. Bones, Angela, and Zack figure out that the murder weapon is a pitchfork. Hodgins discovered that there is also biodiesel fuel involved.

Bones and Booth take Angela to meet a witness, Emma’s stalker Noel, to draw a picture. Bones and Booth start arguing again and Angela points out it’s kinda hot. The two stop arguing. The suspect finally describes the guy driving the van to Angela. The guy has a unique pair of sunglasses. Bones finds the murder weapon at the compost farm. Booth starts an arrest. Cam calls and ruins the party, there is female dna under Emma’s skin. Her half sister murdered her.

They bring Cat in and she tells what happens. She thought Emma was having an affair with her father. Charlie accidently killed Frank and Cat accidentally killed Emma. Bones informs Cat that Emma was actually her half-sister. Cat is horrified to learn this.

The pair are back at Dr. Sweets office. Bones finally looses her temper with Dr. Sweets and comes to Booth’s defense. Then Booth tells her to let up on Sweets. Dr. Sweets tells them they complement each other. Dr. Sweets says they get to continue being partners, but there are a few issues he wants to work on.


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  • The title of this episode is referenced in Season 6 Episode 20 by Hodgins.
  • The German cannibal mentioned by Zack and Hodgins is most likely a reference to Armin Meiwes.

I don't know what that means[]


  • Booth: No way.
    Bones: Way.
  • Bones: I don’t care how young you are. I’ve never believed in psychotherapy.
  • Booth: You’re saying that before the body was dumped, it was—
    Cam: Cooked.
  • Hodgins: Well, hello, my exotic princess.
    Cam: What a charmingly inappropriate greet, Dr. Hodgins.
    Zack: I think he’s talking to a bug.
    Cam: Well, now I feel a bit…rejected.
  • Bones: I don’t have an explanation. I’m just giving you the facts.
  • Cam: Who catches two people cheating but kills them a day apart?

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