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The Shallow in the Deep is the sixth episode of the sixth season of Bones.


The past and present collide when human remains from a 150-year-old slave ship, the Amalia Rose, surface. The team is tasked to give the deceased a proper burial but make an unforeseen discovery linked to a recent murder. In the course of the investigation, Booth and Brennan are led to a different kind of ship - a "Cougar" cruise - where they learn their victim was seen moments before his death. Meanwhile, Sweets struggles to maintain a casual relationship with Daisy, and Cam discovers a surprising and emotional connection to the Amalia Rose.


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  • "Sweet Light" - The Chapin Sisters
  • "Mambo Mambo" - Latin Soul Syndicate
  • "Hope Is All There Is" - MaxFemm
  • "Stack Love" - Moulinex


  • As a doctor of medicine Cam should be acquainted with enzymes such as Trypsin and the serine proteases, since they are quite common in the human body.
  • After Booth claims to have gone from Han Solo to Obi-Wan Kenobi, an obvious Star Wars reference, overnight Sweets claim to not know what Booth is taking about. However in the season 3 episode "The Knight on the Grid" he spoke of the master/apprentice relationship of the Sith from Star Wars and in the season 4 episode "The Princess and the Pear" he quotes Obi-Wan Kenobi. However Sweets might have been saying he doesn't understand why Booth feels that way or what it means about Booth.
  • When Sweets is seen pouring a glass of scotch whisky for Captain Kelly it can be seen that it is a 30 year old Macallan. In reality a bottle like this would cost between $5-10k, far out of price range for Booth or Sweets to have purchased for this purpose.


  • Booth: How is it that I went to sleep Han Solo and I woke up Obi-Wan Kenobi?
    Sweets: I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Brennan: You had intercourse accidentally? What were you trying to do, Miss Wick?
    Daisy: I was returning a book?
    Brennan: And your pants fell off?

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