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The Stiff in the Cliff is the twentieth episode of the eleventh season of Bones.


When the remains of famous billionaire explorer Henry Charles are found in The Arctic, the high profile case is brought to Brennan and Booth to determine if his death was a murder. The Jeffersonian team confirms he was killed when he went missing 15 years ago on an expedition, but the timeframe puts the Jeffersonian's Dr. Clark Edison, who was with Charles for the expedition, on the short list of suspects. Meanwhile, Cam's sister comes into town to help with wedding plans and old family friction comes into the picture.


Main Cast[]

Interns of the Week[]

Guest Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Dr. Marcus Eldridge - John Shea
  • Hazel Mitchell - Bridgett Newton
  • Declan Marshall - Jim Pirri
  • Alice Tuuq - Kimberly Guerrero

Featured Music[]

  • "From Here" by Solvey
  • "Oh Baby Yea" by Judson Lee


  • The Frank expedition is a take-off on the Franklin Expedition, where it’s been found that cannibalism did indeed occur.


  • Cam: Wait, when did you get so mature?
    Felicia: Around the time I made out with your boyfriend?
    Hodgins: Oh god, please don't tell me you made out with Arastoo too.
  • Booth: Look how far north the expedition site is, right? Even Santa Claus wouldn't travel that far north.
  • Brennan: Mistakes make for better scientists, Dr. Edison. Every expert today has made a past error of some kind. Besides, that's what friends and teammates do. They stand up for each other.
  • Hodgins: Hey, remember that time he hydroplaned across the Atlantic with those half-naked supermodels?
    [Seeing Angela frown at him]
    Hodgins: 'Cause that was super tacky.
  • Booth: I don't understand why everyone's treating this Eldridge guy like he's some Indiana Jones. All he did was find some old boat.
    Brennan: Well, Dr. Eldridge was the lead archeologist on the expedition that discovered the Frank Party. If archeology were hockey, he would be Dwayne Gretzky.
    Booth: Wayne Gretzky. Get it right. Wayne
  • Brennan: Booth, what are you doing here?
    Booth: I got some coffee and some fuel for you and the, uh, the squints, here.
    Temperance Brennan: That's so thoughtful.
    Booth: Well, what can I say, I'm a thoughtful kind of a guy, right?
  • Booth: I tell you, I'm really proud of my two girls for standing up for their friends.
    Brennan: Christine didn't stand up for anyone. She voluntarily joined Emma in the mud after Lukas pushed her in.
    Booth: Solidarity, Bones, all right? She jumped into that mud with Emma to make a point, just like you made a point with that essay you wrote about Clark.
  • Booth: Scientific accuracy doesn't get your book on the best-seller list for 72 weeks, that's for sure. I'll tell you what. You know what does? People chowing down on their buddies
  • Booth: Whoa, I thought we said that there was no TV during the week, Bones.
    Christine: Mommy says it's educational.
    Brennan: Well, a frozen body was recovered from a melting Alaskan ice floe.
    Booth: Oh, that's just great. So now Christine can have nightmares about Popsicle Man.
  • Aubrey: Wow. So this is the actual hut that Captain Frank's crew built from the wreckage of the SS Tartarus?
    Booth: You know what they did in that hut? They chowed down on people burgers.
    Aubrey: Well, I love a good burger, but that's where I draw the line.
    Booth: It's good to know there's a line, Aubrey.