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The Teacher in the Books is the twelfth episode of the tenth season of Bones.


When an affluent school teacher is found dead in an abandoned bookstore, the teachers and students at her school become suspects in the case. Meanwhile, Brennan's publisher encourages her to join Twitter to help grow her fan base, and Jessica Warren teaches Brennan some tricks to master the Twitter-verse, skills Brennan enthusiastically puts to use.


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Cam: Why couldn't all these tests just give us the name and address of the killer?
Hodgins: Yeah.

Booth: Me and my Deputy Dog here have got a few questions for you.

Caroline: Why are you tweeting and not working my case.
Aubrey: I am working our case and I know that the victim had a Twitter account.
Caroline: And?
Aubrey: She didn't tweet that much.
Caroline: Now I like her even more.
Aubrey: Most of the people she followed were her students. She used social media as a way to keep up with them. Because she wasn't a dinosaur.

Aubrey: Can anybody from the bar verify your story?
Hunter: Yeah. A girl. I got her number. Ask her.
Operator: You have reached the Get Lost Hotline. Unfortunately the person who gave you this number didn't want to hear from you ever again. We know this sucks.
Hunter: Wait...
Booth: (laughing) Oh that is not a good alibi, Hunter.

Caroline Julian: You're a good man, Seeley Booth. You sure you don't want to dump that beautiful doctor you've got and run away with me?
Booth: Tell you what: just give me a day to think about it, huh?

Brennan: Perfect! This makes perfect sense!
Cam: Just once I'd like her to tell us the big discovery before she runs out.