The Titan on the Tracks is the first episode and season premiere of the second season of Bones.


Bones meets Dr. Camille 'Cam' Saroyan, Booth's ex and recently created the first-ever head of forensics at the Jeffersonian, on the site of a train-car crash with three fatalities, including US senator Paula Davis and Wall Street tycoon Warren Lynch. Lynch was found in his own car's driver's seat, dead at least six hours earlier, and whose firm Lynchpin International was about to face SEC proceedings, which would likely make his company's stock plummet which created an opportunity for stock shortening worth many millions. Lynch was discovered to be a heroin addict, on Mexican heroin with the boosting narcotic fentanyl, and to be unfaithful to his wife Briana with dozens of women. Lynch's private investigator Rick Turko says he was hired by Lynch to investigate a yet unknown blackmailer, insisting it was the blackmailer who killed Lynch. Booth traces the heroin to petty dealer Eddie Bean who points Booth and Brennan to a junkie. Later on, Booth gets a call informing him that Vince McVicar, the pig farmer who killed Bones's mother, is himself murdered in jail; his killer indirectly admits to have been hired by her own father, Max Keenan. Meanwhile, Zack and Angela find that the Lynch corpse is actually not Lynch and that dental records were expertly falsified. Shortly after, the real Lynch is located in hospital, most unlikely ever to wake from coma, only Turko doesn't know that yet. Using this knowledge against Turko during interrogation, Booth and Brennan are able to get a confession from him. In the end, Camille proves her value in dealing with the judicial authorities, notably prosecutor Lisa Supac, earning the approval of Brennan.


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  • This is the first episode that Cam appears in. When introduced to Dr Brennan, there is obvious tension that hangs around until Tamara Taylor becomes a regular character.
  • After numerous complaints, the opening credits were changed so that the actors' pictures matched up with when their names appeared on the screen.
  • This is the second episode that Booth responds to the question "Where did you find her?" with "In a museum"

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