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The Truth in the Lye is the fifth episode of the second season of Bones.


Gruesome remains of a man dissolving in a bathtub of corrosive chemicals are found in a construction site. In a search of the man's identity, they realize he was living a double life with two different families. In what first appears to be a straightforward case of jealousy and insurance money, new clues send Brennan and Booth in a completely different direction and a third suspect is brought to light. Meanwhile, Brennan, curious, confronts Rebecca about her recent antics with Booth and her rejection of Booth's marriage proposal.


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  • "I Want to Be Loved" - Cassandra Wilson
  • "Voices" - Tom Hugo


  • Rebecca goes to tell Booth that he is a great father and Brennan walks away. Rebecca then asks Booth, "Was that Dr. Brennan?" trying to seem as though they did not have their conversation earlier in the episode. This would be fine except they met at the end of the episode "Mother and Child in the Bay" at the diner. In that episode Rebecca used Brennan's name in greeting her.
  • In this episode Booth sleeps with both of his exes - Rebecca and Cam. He says both times, "That was a huge mistake", and at the beginning when Brennan calls after Rebecca and Booth have sex, it seems like he feels a bit guilty.
  • When the team is examining the birdshot pellets, Zack asks "Could they kill a man?" and Hodgins responds "Well, I think our Vice President disproved that possibility." This is a reference to the incident earlier in 2006 in which Vice President Dick Cheney, while on a quail hunt, accidentally shot one of his hunting companions non-fatally. Curiously, 22 years earlier the British Deputy Prime Minister Willie Whitelaw accidentally shot one of his friends and a gamekeeper, also non-fatally, while on a grouse shoot. Which maybe just indicates that Deputy Heads of Government tend to like similar sports.
  • When Hodgins starts talking about a dancer he once knew named Abby Rhoades, Booth calls him Ringo and tells him to stop talking. This is a reference to The Beatles, as their penultimate album was "Abbey Road", and Ringo Starr was their drummer.
  • At while at the crime scene, Pete the construction guy is asking if the tub, a "Godiva 3000", could be reused since it is so expensive. The tub shown is a claw foot, which is in fact a more expensive type of tub than a standard type of tub. Pete goes on to say the building is subsidized housing and the government needs all money accounted for. Since subsidized housing is contracted on a low bid process, subsidized housing would never use expensive items like a claw foot tub.
  • Booth says that the victim has a "living will" leaving all of his assets to one of his two wives. A living will does not serve to distribute assets after death; rather, it is a directive to medical personnel regarding treatment in the event of the patient's incapacity.

I don't know what that means[]

Booth: They've been lying since Day I, between all of them, they should have a dozen Oscars by now.
Brennan: I know what those are.


Angela: "Talk about the proof in the pudding."

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