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The Tutor in the Tussle is the fifth episode of the twelfth season of Bones.


When a tutor of privileged students turns up dead, the team sorts through all the possible perpetrators, from disgruntled parents to the tutor's roommate with a criminal record. Meanwhile, Bones is frustrated with the voice of her audio book and tries to prove that she can record it herself.


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  • In this episode, Brennan discovers that Fisher is a fan of her novels and he even made a fan fiction at some point called "The Perspicacity in the Bones" which was about "a tormented intern who had an affair with his boss."
  • Fisher’s fan fiction title follows the same structure as does all the Bones episodes.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Joel David Moore as Colin Fisher.


Brennan: In the original Cinderella, two doves peck the eyes out of the stepsisters.
Booth: I don't remember that in the movie.