The Woman in the Tunnel is the sixteenth episode of the first season of Bones.


The body of a documentary film-maker is found at the bottom of a tunnel shaft beneath Washington, D.C. Brennan and Booth are introduced to an underground society, whose leader thinks he might be responsible for the victim's death.


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  • Syntax - "Pride"


13 minutes into the episode, Angela and Brennan have a conversation in which Brennan is called an "Observer" - albeit, one that is not passive but is actively running after bad guys. During a reply, Brennan states that "every society has its fringe dwellers and every society fears its fringe dwellers, usually because they are the example of what happens when you fail in that society, but they are seldom dangerous in reality." The casual use of "Observer" and "Fringe" could be a nod to the 2008 show on the same network, Fringe, though its creation would be two years after this episode. Perhaps the writers unconsciously had another universe or two on their minds?


[Brennan puts her gun in Booth's pocket]
Booth: That's not cocked is it? Because where that's pointed...
Brennan: You're safe.

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  • When Booth and Dr. Goodman are talking about the game "Clue" after Booth says "Kyle hit the Duke with the candlestick in the crypt"

"Clue" is an old board game which players figure out the murder by determining a killer, a room in which the crime occurred and a murder weapon. The player wins by identifying all three facts (who dunnit, how kill, and where) correctly...for example s/he would probably say "Miss Scarlet stabbed Mr. Boddy (always a murder victim of this game) with the knife in the ballroom." So Booth's "Kyle hit the Duke with the candlestick in the crypt." was an allusion of "Clue" game.

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