Booth is back!! Well at least he is not seeing ghosts any more or cartoon children. I was left disappointed at the ending of the last season as we were promised a union between Booth and Bones that would be more than platonic. While this was certainly the case - it was all in either Bones' book or in Booth's imagination or both. However, perhaps we are actually going to see something happen between them in this series - the romance has been set up to suggest so as long as Booth decides he is back to his old self and can rely on his true feelings.

Stephen Fry's psychologist character hinted that Sweets was wrong about who knew they loved the other and we are being made to believe that is infact Bones who knows she loves Booth but doesn't allow herself it. The pictures of Booth's brain before and after seem to agree with this theory.

The main area of the show that fans seem to be most concerned with, and it seems the network as well, is to whether the chemistry and the dilemma of a 'will-they-wont-they' concept is the only thing to bring viewers and whether it would remain if B & B became a couple or only if they keep Booth and Bones apart. Shows like Moonlighting emphasis that once a couple has occurred then the show can loose its interest. However, shows like Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman also show that a couple being together can heighten the fans love of it. Will the show loose its appeal if Booth and Brennan get together? Will it be a big disappointment if they do get together? These are the kind of questions that I'm sure the big bosses of the show are asking and are the reason why I think more episodes of one finding they love the other but not acting will be more common.

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