I enjoy the series but personally despise the character of "Dr." Temperance Brennan for several reasonss. The reasons are as follows:

1. She has on innumerable occasions said that she is the smartest peron in the room/building/counrty/world and she has a problem whenever someone doesn't like when she does that. Her hypocrisy comes in that when Dr. Wells comes in and shows and tells her that he is smarter than her, she has an immense problem with him doing this despite her doing similar things in a majority of the episodes.

2. She pretneds to be open to many people's cultures yet she is constantly criticising people of faith and their faiths as ignorant most notably Booth and Catholicism. And then, even worse, she then criticises Booth when he is on occasion, not open to other people's cultures despite her almost always criticising his culture.

3. When Booth trusts a suspect and refuses to accept the posssibility that the suspect he trusts is the culprit she criticises him for not being objective, yet when she on occasion trusts a suspect all the people around here are forced to put up with it. In other words: when a gut feeling suits her it's okay, when it doesn't she acts all bitchy.

These are but a few of the reasons i despise Brennan. I also dislike Brennan's best friend: Angela Montenegro. She puts Brennan on a pedestal and treats anyone who acts exactly as Brennan does but isn't Brennan, like shit. Most notable, again, with Dr. Wells. She calls him a douche for displaying the same antisocial, narcissistic, arrogant behaviour that her best friend displays. She is also a sexist as she has on multiple occasions, put herself and Brennan above the men they work with and men in general not because of any skills but because of their gender.

Whoever reads this can hate me if they want, they can say I should get off the wiki but I honestly don't care. A wiki is supposed to be about information. And this is the information I choose to share

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