So ive watched the entire series of Angel, and the 3 seasons of Buffy he was on, and watched the first season of Bones, first off, I love Buffy and Angel, seconed, i hate bones, third i hate the tv show Bones.

Why i hate the character bones is because, she thinks she is so great, heck, when you look at a picture of her she is such a b-i-t-c-h. When ever i see her picture i wanna beat her up.

Reason i hate the show, 1. it makes Angel's actor look like a dick, and it's turned him into on to, watch an interview when a repoter asks about the show angel, he gets pissed off.

2. the actors AND the characters are conceited.

3. Booth is such a boring person, yatta yatta Bones yatta yatta my kid yatta yatta getting laid yatta yatta did a person get murderd? oh well yatta yatta

4. and the person who plays the strange stalker bug guy guest starred in angel season 5 more than once

So, leave a comment below

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