Hi guys, Dion here. This is just a quick update as to what is happening here at BonesWiki, the wiki full of all Kathy Reichs media. Currently this place has many articles for the episodes up to and including Season 4, which has only just finished about 5 minutes ago here in Australia, and characters of the show. This means we are currently lacking in the books department. Kathy Reichs' books, including the latest '206 Bones', also just out in Australia, all need their own articles and articles on their characters within the storyline. C'mon guys Claudel is just as worthy of his own article as Booth eh?

Long story short, we need lots more active contributors here at BonesWiki, experts on the show, books and of course Wikicoding/MediaWiki are ALWAYS needed around here.

Thanks for your time, Dion24

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