After getting over the initial shock of the season finale, which took about 3 weeks, the fear of the next season began to settle in. I know a baby means "They're togather!", but it also means "Oh-no! They're togather." With them togather, the magic of "Almost,Almost,Almost" is gone and we're here. Then the real fear sets in.

The biggest fear I have is Religion. That crazy cult has made people kill before, so I don't think Seeley Booth is going to take kindly to Ms. Temperance Brennan stubbornly say "No." to a religious upbringing. As a Catholic myself, I know that Booth will want a Baptism and Conformation, the whole shabang.

Another thing I'm scared of is when Sweets brings up the idea that Booth doesnt love Brennan for Brennan, but for the little half-Booth inside her. Maybe Sweet's wont be the one bringing it forward, but it will come up. And while the idea does have a slight charm in a "After they fight they make up"sort of way, the fear of it being a season-long sub-plot, also frightens me.

I also think about the very possible idea that Bones will not make it full term. I have this scene in my head where they have a happy- onesie choosing morning, and BAM! No Olivia! (a popular name in the fanfiction universe)

I hope my fears do not come true and very little of you take thispost into consideration. I just needed to get my fears out.

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